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Neck Exercises after Surgery
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Neck Exercises after Surgery
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Before you start with these exercises, allow your physiotherapist to go through them with you to make sure that you do them correctly. She will also adapt them if necessary.
Loosening exercises

Loosening exercise 1

All movements must be comfortable and must not cause pain. Only a slight stretch must be present. Keep your head up and look straight at the roof. Make sure that your head is not tilted, twisted or turned. Maintain the position for 2 seconds. Now drop your chin to your chest.  Now look up towards the ceiling again.  (Only until you can feel a slight stretch)

Drop your ear towards your right shoulder. Repeat to the left.


Look over your right shoulder. Repeat to the left.


Loosening exercise 2

Roll your shoulders backwards. You must actually feel that your shoulder blades are moving. Repeat 15-20 times.
Lock your fingers together and hold your hands before your chest. Move your arms forward until you feel the muscles stretch between your shoulder blades. Hold for 15 seconds.

Loosening exercise 3

Sit up straight. Inhale as deep as possible until you can feel the lungs expand to their maximum capacity. Hold your breath for 5 seconds, and exhale as much as possible. Repeat 10 times. 

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